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BigSIS Tuition Management #1 - Managing Family Accounts
This free webinar is for any schools using BigSIS' Tuition Management service. It will be the first in a training series.

This webinar will concentrate on the initial basics of using BigSIS, especially on what to expect in the early months as contracts come in.

We will cover the following:
1) FAMILIES: Overview, filtering, editing & communicating
2) INVOICES & CREDIT MEMOS: Editing existing, creating new, adjusting schedules
3) PAYMENTS: Applying offline payments, issuing refunds, dealing with bounces, etc.
4) CHANGES: Unapplying payments, sending contracts back to portal
5) PORTAL: Parent side of things, including viewing invoices, changing payment methods, making one-time payments
6) QUESTIONS: Any other questions you have or would like us to cover

We look forward to seeing you all soon!


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